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Barra Resorts Diving

Diving at Inhambane, Mozambique

As one of Mozambique’s most famous dive regions, Flamingo Bay never disappoints divers. The surrounding reef ecosystem offers something for every diver - from beginners to the most technical. The shallow reefs, shipwrecks, amazing pinnacles and caves provide a superb backdrop for world class diving. Most divers come to Inhambane to see the Whale sharks and giant Manta Rays.

Indeed, this region is known as the Manta Coast where even snorkelers can enjoy these amazing creatures.

Find amazing corals stretching from the southernmost tip of the Inhambane province to north of the Bazaruto Archipelago – ensuring a significant amount of diving possibilities. Discover an unbelievable show of diverse sea life, from micro species to the much larger pelagic species.

Diving at Flamingo Bay is conducted through the Padi Dive Center at the neighboring and sister lodge, Barra Lodge. Take one of the regular transfers between the two properties which they are close enough for a stroll down the beach. Barra Resorts is the premium Inhambane Diving operator, now very well established. Seasoned instructors conduct dive course of all levels, up to Dive Master.

The Barra Dive Centre also conducts Instructor Diving Courses (IDC) at set times each year.

The region is internationally recognized for its large populations of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. With year round viewing, Inhambane has firmly established itself as one of the best places to see both of these magnificent species.


  • Manta Reef - named after and made famous for its large population of Manta Rays, if you position yourself well and remain still, you can get these amazing creatures to float right above you.  The reef is also has an abundance of fish including the Potato Bass, Red Fang Trigger Fish, Yellow Snappers, Bigeyes, Fusiliers and Trumpet fish.
  • Praia do Roche - soft and hard corals are scattered among the pinnacles and boulders that cover the area.  The shallow depth of the site makes for a photographers haven and a good practice site.
  • Giants Castle - An excellent drift dive along a 7 meter high wall.  This is another spot to view Manta Rays, as well as giant Potato Bass, Scorpion Fish, Lobster, Sturgeon, Sea Goldies and large Frog Fish.
  • Krakatoa - resembling a volcano crater, you can swim into the reef to enjoy the life supported by colourful hard and soft corals.  Eels, Lobster, Cuttle Fish, Octopus and shoals of reef fish are among the large population of species found in the area.
  • Chamber of Secrets - a horseshoe shaped reef, with a flat and sandy centre, this reef is ideal for Blue Spotted Rays, Blue Sting Rays and Whiptail Rays.  Something is always around the corner or under a ledge, to be discovered. The reef's swim thru's make for great buoyancy practice as Morays, Scorpion Fish, Devil Firefish, Lizard fish and Lion Fish will be among the audience as you circle the site.
  • Amazon - this stunning reef is home to Leopard Sharks, White Tip Sharks and Black Tip Sharks. Teeming with life, you have to swim through the parting shoals of reef fish to explore the caves where turtles and sharks like to linger.
  • The Office - rising up from approximately 90 meters, this rock pinnacle has a lot to offer.  Manta Rays are regularly seen. Exploring the area will uncover overhangs and ledges with Morays, Turtles and Potato Bass. 
  • Anchor Bay - a great reef for learning, with beautiful soft coral and sponges to be explored. Emperor Angelfish, Young Lionfish, Butterfly and Clown fish are among the many to be seen.  There are also Crocodile, Stone and Scorpionfish in the area.
  • Salon - a very popular site with photographers, with lots of macro life.  The reef is a long ridge with boulders scattered around.  Overhangs and caves contain Honeycomb, Black Cheek and Geometric Morays, Firefish and Paperfish. Cleaner Shrimp are in abundance, while Trumpet fish happily swim right passed  you.
  • Mikes Cupboard - soft coral covers the area of potholes, ledges and gullies while Flutefish, Trumpetfish, Crocodilefish and Leaf fish are some of the wonders to be found.  A Loggerhead Turlte is often in residence and dolphins have been seen around the area.


This is the perfect destination for your Mozambique dive holiday package. A full range of equipment is available for hire and if you bring your own air, fills can be arranged at Barra Dive Center. They can also do Nitrox fills.

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Please note all divers are required to provide a C-card or Logbook before diving or hiring scuba equipment. Any diver who has not dived in the last year or more is required to complete the Scuba Review before diving in the sea.  Before completing the Scuba Review, divers will be required to fill out the PADI Medical Questionnaire. If any condition on the questionnaire applies to you, you will need to bring a physician's letter stating that you are "FIT TO DIVE WITHOUT RESTRICTION". All prices are quoted in Mozambique Metical and subject to change without prior notice. To avoid disappointment, please provisionally book your dives with us.

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