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Activities at Flamingo Bay

beach and ocean activities for every age

3 June 2015

A Mozambique holiday at Flamingo Bay is brimming with activities for every age, every type of personality and every kind of break. Whether you are there on your divine honeymoon, on a family holiday or doing business in the region, you will be enticed to take part in amazing outdoor adventures. Read more about Flamingo Bay honeymoons here.

Not only does Flamingo Bay offer a range of wonderful things to do, but so too does its sister lodge, Barra Beach. Here you will find the main activity centre, a short boat transfer away, where professional scuba diving courses are run. You can also go kayaking, take a sunset cruise or gallop a horse up the beach.

Swim off the deck, hit the beach

It is true that Flamingo Bay calls for pure relaxation but the need to snorkel from one’s wooden villa on stilts over clear water simply takes over. Beach swims and diving off one’s private deck into the high tide of the estuary simply cannot be ignored! The long sunny days, the amazing sunrises, call for guests to get up and explore their beautiful surrounds. Beach activities at Flamingo Bay include long solitary walks, swims and surfs, and amazing horse rides into the distance.

Book an ocean cruise aboard a boat to see the whales or simply feel the ocean spray in your hair. Your crew will show you enormous Manta Rays, charismatic whale sharks and dolphins – endemic to this Manta Coast region.

Slow, restful dhow trips in wooden sailing boats around the bay will remind you of historical days in Mozambique when traditional fishermen fished as they do now, a way of life never forgotten. Sip a cocktail as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Fishing at sunrise, mangrove walks at dusk

For those who love the thrill of fishing in the huge blue ocean, try your hand at charter boat fishing, an amazing sport involving the hooking of sailfish and other game fish. Learn new tactics from the experienced skippers who drive top of the range ski boats with the latest fishing tackle. Tag your fish and release it after a few photographs.

There are unique activities at Flamingo Bay such as exploring the mangroves on foot or by boat. This incredible ecosystem is home to endemic plants and crustaceans adapted to the salty water. Flocks of flamingos roost here while local villagers set their fish traps in the tidal waters. Explore the Inhambane lagoon further if you feel like it on the catamaran, a trip made for keen photographers!

Scuba diving at Flamingo Bay is a diverse experience not to be missed – divers kit up at Barra Beach Lodge and can view a huge range of reefs, fish species and dive sites. Guests can also go sightseeing on quad bikes to explore the many rough roads in the through the villages and coconut groves. Or head to Inhambane for a browse of the local markets and a seafood lunch.

Whatever your active pleasure, Flamingo Bay will satisfy your personal needs. Relax on your deck, in your bathtub and in the ocean – or try as many water sports and beach activities that you possibly can while there! Contact one of our consultants today to book your active holiday at Flamingo Bay