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Inhambane Accommodation - Mozambique Holiday



Inhambane offers plenty of choice for accommodation ranging from expensive hotels and beach lodges to more affordable self-catering resorts and bed and breakfast establishments. Honeymoon couples, families with children and travellers in groups will love this seaside town, a hub of African, Muslim and Portuguese history and cultures. Diving and fishing are the most popular activities for travellers, leaving from the port into the great Bazaruto Archipelago.

Luckily, Inhambane is a photographer’s paradise! It still oozes charm from its derelict and dilapidated buildings, reminiscent of days gone by when mixed cultures lived their lives here. The town is ideal for a stop en route to Beira in the north or Tofo and Barra beaches nearby.

Quite the best accommodation in Inhambane is a place just outside the city – Flamingo Bay Water Lodge is about 30 minutes away but still rates top for the region. Stay in rooms on stilts over a tidal estuary where the water fluctuates radically from high to low, bringing with it sea life and peace. Flamingo Bay is unique in its own right and absolutely beautiful – staff ensure all guests are happy and it is the little touches that count.

Fresh meals are based on seafoods, salads and fruits while the overall atmosphere invites relaxation and contemplation. While Inhambane has many accommodation venues on offer, it is Flamingo Bay Water Lodge that is the perfect honeymoon spot. The setting, the seclusion, the immersion in nature, the friendly staff and the amazing food all make for a dreamlike honeymoon before starting out on marriage!

Guests take a daily shuttle to Barra Lodge to take part in amazing water sports – the dive centre is fabulous and divers see Manta Rays, whale sharks, turtles and myriad tropical fish. But it is also fun just to chill on the villa deck and dive off at intervals for swims at high tide. 


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