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Inhambane's best hotel

It's official – Flamingo Bay is Inhambane's best hotel by far!

Situated close to Inhambane lies a picturesque hotel on stilts where pink flamingos fly and where the sun always rises – Flamingo Bay must certainly be the best choice of Mozambique Hotel in this area. Guests are welcomed with flowers from attentive staff and the scenery is always stunning, no matter what.

Visitors to Flamingo Bay always mention the long wooden walkways between the dining room and villas – it may be far to walk but the amazing environmental beauty all around them makes it so worthwhile! Imagine sleeping in crisp white linen and waking to the call of the myriad birds before 5am when the sun streams into the rooms? Open the curtains and watch the sun rise from your pillow!

Then walk up the long pathway to enjoy a fresh fruit breakfast before deciding which activity to choose that morning. Jump on the hourly shuttle which takes you down to neighbouring Barra Lodge where every activity is offered, including its own diving centre. Flamingo is a great resort, true paradise in Mozambique!

Many guests decide to stay on the premises for the day at the lovely spa – enjoy pampering massages and other beauty treatments before plunging into the swimming pool. Spend hours on the sandy tidal flats when the sea ebbs away – so much sea life to enjoy, from crabs and fish to sea cucumbers and more!

Flamingo Bay is ingenious - how amazing that you can climb down a small ladder from your wooden chalets if you want to go for a swim! The lodge has become synonymous with honeymooners and couples looking for an eco-chic retreat and the perfect getaway. Twenty beautifully appointed chalets on stilts extend into the water overlook the warm Indian Ocean. Memories of the sunsets from your private deck will linger for a long time after you leave.

There is so much to do in and around Inhambane – visit Praia do Tofo, Praia dos Cocos, Ponto do Barra, Ilha de Benquerra, Bazaruto National Sea Park and Guinjata Bay. Scub divers can head for Manta Reef and Gallaria from Tofo where manta rays, whale sharks and turtles are regularly seen.

Inhambane is one of the oldest settlements on the east coast of Mozambique. Did you know that dhows traded here from as early as the 11th century? First the Muslim and Persian traders arrived, followed by the Portuguese. The Karanga invaded Inhambane who dominated the Tonga cotton workers who spun and produced their own cotton. And now it is a tourist mecca. 


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